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From 1979 to 1988, Mr Le Xian jun Daishan took charge of the technical quality engineer when he was in a state operated sealing factory in daishan zhejiang , and then to be the factory director.

In 1989, Mr Le Xian jun with his team was independent  from the state operated sealing factory,and founded the earlyer automotive sealing factory in domestic, and named Dachang auto parts limited company.Dachang limited company was one of the earlyest private sector sealing limited company that had research and design capabilities independently,with the reform  and open policy,and the development of private enterprises,beginning to be one of the leading company in national sealing industry rapidly. From then on, the dachang' head cylinder gaskets and full sets come into seaing domain about the automotive engine.

From 1990 to 1999, was the DCH Auto Partsing time, and was also the years of DCH conquering the market, the DCH products was all over the world ,meanwhile the products obtained the ISO international quality certification system, matched with a number of domestic auto manufacturers, it’s products received acclaim in auto parts markets.  

In 1999, DCH Auto Parts Co., Ltd. expended again, and the investment on equipment increased again, the factory officially changed its name into Daishan United Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. From then on Dachang change its name into the united implied team spirit, meanwhile shows the team spirit played a very important role in the joint company. From that moment until today, The united auto parts corporation was a enterprise which established on the basis of innovation. Depending on the strength of the team, DCH achieved the market-leading innovation state today.

 In 2000, the stockholders leading by Mr. Le xianjun purchased land in jiading shanghai, and build factory house about 20,000 square-meter.

In 2001, the factory was founded formally with the name lechang in shanghai, and invest more than 1800 million in one time used to new products developing and good equipment purchasing. shanghai lechang had been one of the domestic companies with the most complete gasketfull set goods.
In 2002, the Shanghai Lechang to start a new brand "LeChang" operation, and gradually began to Lechang brands in the domestic market promotion, because the United Auto parts company Daishan the basis of Lechang product has a unique sealing performance, and a senior R & D engineers do to ensure the product on a market, Lechang cylinder pad and overhaul package by clicking on the customer's favorite, sought after by the automotive repair market.

In 2003, Shanghai started Lechang well-known Web site to promote their brand, and began the global self-service exports, the brand began to Lechang overseas publicity, to the international, as the world's well-known brand is the sealing industry Lechang were the same pursuit.
 In 2003, the establishment of the Shanghai Yue Feng high-speed Friction Material Co., Ltd., and put 1,000 million for automotive research and development, as well as brake pads brake line inputs.

In 2007, the establishment of the Shanghai Fu Rui Sealing Material Co., Ltd., invested 8 million yuan for the new material - asbestos-free production, the Shanghai Fu Rui-related non-asbestos has received international certification, including: SGS, CTS, TUV, BV, etc..

In early 2008, the establishment of Parts Co., Ltd. Zhoushan Ship Fortune, investment more than 1,200 million for the ship seals manufacturing and production, as well as rubber production, the company's products are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea.

In 2008, the company's cylinder Lechang brake pad and obtained TS16949: 2002 quality management system certification. The quality management system certification by the U.S. Daimler, Ford, Chrysler Big Three auto companies and the development of a joint statement.

In 2009, Shanghai Lechang started doing sales, the domestic agents joined a number of positive Lechang Shanghai and from Shanghai made Lechang corresponding profits, but also enable them to tide over the financial crisis.

In 2010, advanced sealing products and high-quality services to customers, so that today's Lechang company into a global enterprise with operations in six continents and 42 countries around the world. Product system is divided into:
Automobile Engine Parts Series: Cylinder pad, overhaul package, valve seals, crankshaft seal, valve chamber pad, sump mats, car mats and so on all seal products

Automobile wearing parts series: brake pads, filters, belts
Seal Plate: No asbestos materials, rubber, oil board, copy to take plates, non-asbestos gasket

Ship with series: rubber foam, rubber dense article, ship nails and other pieces of the ship's seal

Lechang products in the domestic market accounts for some advantages, and has achieved a certain status, the present company has five production bases, namely, Shanghai Lechang Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Daishan United Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhoushan Ship Fortune accessories Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yue Feng high-speed Friction Material Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fu Rui Seals Co., Ltd.
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